Process Automation – Automated Financial Period Close


A US based Manufacturer and Marketer of Consumer and Professional Products

Client Challenge

Finance Close is a Business Critical & Repetitive process but still most taxing, Time Consuming and error-prone activity.

More Manual efforts and Crosschecking required in-order to

  • Execute jobs within workflow
  • Monitoring of job
  • Validation of completeness of cost center values
  • Updating / Reporting the status

Desperately looking for a solution to streamline activities, reduce overall time to perform, eliminate unnecessary latency etc.



Automated Financial Period Close for Month / Quarter / Year End Processes

Automate the overall Closure process with.

  • Atomic UI to provide complete view (Jobs, Workflows, Logs etc.)
  • Creation of Jobs as per Work plan
  • Automated Workflow scheduling
  • Rule based Calendars to automatically sync-up with planned workdays, non-working days etc.
  • Execution of job on certain conditions/ Approvals/ checks
  • Automated Plan / Status Updates

Business Benefits

  1. Reduction in manual efforts by ~70%
  2. Time Saving by ~60%
  3. Near Zero Errors due to reduced Manual dependence
  4. Automation ensures good control over the overall Process




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