Microsoft Dynamics Customer Solution Case Study Compelling & Successful solution for Retailers

Digital transformation offers businesses the opportunity to enhance their workflow processes with a focus on achieving greater efficiencies, improved accuracy and more effective reporting and decision making using real-time data. Integrating points of sales technology (POS) with Microsoft Dynamics 365 (D365) cloud based enterprise resource planning solutions (ERP) delivers impressive improvements in productivity and performance management.


Leading luxury bakery and sweet maker from Europe. Founded in 1862 the firm has grown to become one of the world’s best-known premier sellers of the double-decker macaron, 15,000 of which are sold every day!

Client Challenge

Client was looking for a solution which would deliver all the benefits associated with an integrated POS and ERP. Regional centralized kitchens and production centres support a number of firm’s outlets which means most of the procurement and production processes take place away from the individual business units, with only the final cooking and preparation taking place at each restaurant.

The popularity of the restaurants made it hard for the regional kitchens to keep pace with demand, inventory management, procurement and production planning. Sales data had to be manually inputted into the ERP, a process which frequently introduced errors and created a time lag that was unhelpful for a firm relying on a supply chain regularly providing fresh ingredients.

These issues resulted in a lack of coordination, which in turn impaired the decision-making processes, resulting in incorrect inventory records and a lack of visibility across the procurement and production processes which were out of sync with the activities taking place in each restaurant.

How did it overcome?

Implemented UAE’s leading POS solution for Café’ & Restaurant solution iPOS Café as the front-end application and combined this with a D365 backend solution for the ERP system. Then established an integrated data flow with D365 providing master data, price updates and promotional information to iPOS Café. iPOS Café would then send real-time transactional data back to the ERP.


Solution Outcomes

Integrating the POS and ERP systems has transformed several essential business activities. Each restaurant is now able to provide real-time updates to the centralized kitchen facilities, which in turn can order the right ingredients to keep the supply chain working effectively.

  • Simple & fast decision making
  • Clean and secure data
  • Zero manual entry errors
  • Elimination of cross-reconciliation processes
  • Least risk of over stocking
  • Significant Drop in inventory wastage
  • Clean ledger balances without mismatches

Procurement and ordering requests are now automated, informed by sales data, delivering complete visibility to business decision makers, ensuring planning for the next day is quick, accurate and avoids any manual inputting of data.


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